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I consult on a wide variety of topics and areas within the music industry, please get in touch to discuss your project needs with me and discuss how I can help.

Diversity: I am able to advise on a wide range of diversity and inclusion issues - be that through panel discussions or through strategising for businesses.

Live Performance: If you're looking for advice on getting the most out of your time performing, get in touch for a friendly chat and practical session.

Technical Specifications: A tech spec is how you communicate your set-up to a venue or festival and is absolutely crucial for a smooth running show. I have created high quality tech specs for a wide variety of clients including Lucy Dacus, Tessa Violet, and Bob Vylan.

Venue Builds and Audio Installation: If you're building a venue or wanting to put live sound infrastructure into a space, I can help you with the whole process from space design to live audio engineering.

Equipment Management: If you're putting together IEM or equipment racks, get in touch to discuss how I can help you streamline and manage your process.

Tour Booking: I have a wealth of experience in what works with regard to tour booking so if you need a second pair of eyes, drop me a line.

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